Welcome to the Grade 8 (and some 7's) Wiki!

The Wiki is a space where students are able to communicate with each other about ACADEMICS (social networking can be done on Facebook, MySpace, MSN, Twitter, etc). You will also find agenda items, links to assignments and useful websites posted on the various pages linked to the right.
Please limit the use of the discussion pages for questions/assistance about classroom academics. Please use the discussion page associated with your class agenda. For example: If you are a student in Mr. Munns class, post discussion items on Mr. Munn's agenda page. If you are a student in Mrs. Vodarek's class, post discussion items on Mrs. Vodarek's page. If the content of your discussion is related to both classes, then post on this discussion page. If the site is being inappropriately used, offenders will lose their membership.

Research Options...

Instead of "Googling" everything, you have access to the Knowledge Ontario Database and to World Book Online.

The Knowledge Ontario Database is accessible at http://tlc.scdsb.on.ca/scdsb/

To use the database, select Guthrie PS from the elementary list. Click on Databases and then enter your search terms. *Remember* when searching, the more specific you are, the more likely your results will match what you are looking for.

GUTHRIE PS LIBRARY @ http://gpslibrary.yolasite.com

World Book Online is accessible at www.worldbookonline.com
login: scdsb12
password: school

Excellent website to assist with option sheets at www.careercruising.com
username: simcoe
password: 31050